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Friday, January 24, 2014
My special Senior Friend.



This is so long since i have wrote on this blog. OH MY GOD, almost 2 month.
Any ways i'm back. So i got a friend i mean not new one. actually i never wrote anything about her si that's why i'm mentioning her here. she is very Interactive person, Jolly always, spreading smilies all around for free. :) :) :) 

She is always straight forward. "Oh kehnde ne na ki jo dil ch ohi muh te". I like her nature. Wall, m talking about Aapsha.She is my senior but i never felt like that. :-D Because we are so good friends. :) :) 

She always keeps her head up high,
Her eyes sparkle like a bright star in the sky.
She has the stamina, beauty, and courage that one would admire,
Even the love and happiness one inspires.

She is beautiful
Although, She may not see
the person that I see
when I look at you. :)

She is courageous
Although, She may not feel
all that brave
But I see, how strong she can be

One day i was blue completely just because of something personally. And i meet her in morning as i entered collage. She greeted me with such a lovely smile that i forgot about my worries. :). That's what my heart felt. 
When the day gets off to a happy start
and you have so much to give
from the bottom of your heart

You’ve been blessed by an Angel
that watches quietly over you
a little friend of God
who keeps an eye on all you do

And remember sometimes
When things don’t do your way
It’s all a part of some plan
And things will be okay

Because there’s an Angel watching over you
A little friend of God
Who will always care for you.


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