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Thursday, February 13, 2014
Love for sisters ...


Hey hello there to all my sisters. I want to wish all of them a happy valentine day. Haha, This show how crazy i'm for my sisters. I love them all. I want to dedicate this poem to  all other lovely lovely sisters. 

On Valentine's Day, I think about
All of you, who are dear,
How much you all add to my  life's delight
Whenever You all are near.

You are my super hero
Someone I truly love
So dear and very precious
God gave me from above.

A friend that's so impeccable
So thoughtful and so kind
A better sister in the world
I could never fine.

I love you all my Sis with all my heart
My dearest and very best friend
You all are my sister's, my angels
So for you all this wish I send.

I am fortunate to know you all,
That's why I want to say,
To all rare and special persons
Happy Valentine's Day!

This poem i want to dedicate to my dear sister Gurpreet, who died long ago. I miss you alot. I wish i could Hold you, Hug you. You came in my dreams everyday, everynight. You are still in my heart. It belongs to you. 

On Valentine’s Day, day of affection,
I think of you, sister.
I recall all the love and caring
you have shown me throughout the years.
I remember the fun we had,
uncontrollable laughter,
unforgettable experiences we shared,
problems we solved...together.
I think about the comfort,
satisfaction and strength I derive
from having you as my sister,
and my Valentine!
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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