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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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       /hihi issshhhh

Hey there, how are you. Hmm .. ? I hope you are fine. Today i got some time and i wrote something about you.  

Haha it started today, when i was sitting free in ground. Suddenly i saw you passing, i shouted you name so loudly even everyone sitting around me started looking at me. Haha actually that's friendship you know. /blush 

When There is friendship between two people it defines that they are connected, their hearts are connected. they we don't care about others. when they saw each other, their heart become so happy that emotions and feelings take control over their mind and they forgot every thing. Same happened with me this time. Though i don't know you much but still i call you my friend indeed a sweet friend.Hope you like it.

Going on through each day
Thinking all the while
About your beautiful smile

The way it lights up your face
It fills me with pride
At how it reflects the beauty inside


  I love your smile.
It makes the sweet sunshine,
glow all around your face.
It makes the distance,
not so far away.


The smile surrounds,
your face,with love like grace,
making me want to run,
but never leave this place.
Happiness forever,is not so far away.


I love the smile,
that you send my way.
It's like air to breathe,
as fresh as the flowers in May.
May it all, forever stay.

And in the end i would like to say that