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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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Friends are brilliant,

Friends are great
Some call them friends, some call them mates.

Friends are kind,

Friends are helpful

Friends are loving. Trust is what holds friendship together.

Compassion, kindness and trustworthy too,

Mix them together to make friendship stew.

In goes the honesty, the loyalty too, with a sprinkle of forgiveness,

For your friendship stew.


A good friend will show love, A good friend will not shove. 

A good friend cares for you in everything you do.

That’s what a good friend is!

A good friend you can trust,

Be helpful you must.

A good friend is kind,

A good friend wouldn’t mind.

That’s what a good friend is!

A good friend will not hurt,

Or ever give a smirk.

A good friend is polite,

They should always do you right.


Friendship is like a light that never goes out,

Compassion is what it’s all about.

Day after day the light grows, Like a delicate beautiful rose, Trust is also a part of it,

Like a candle that’s just been lit.

Love is spreading by the day, In every little single way.

Friends are great

Friends are grand

Friends are kind

The friends of mine.

Friends are compassionate Friends are fun

Friends are polite The friends of mine.