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Thursday, October 24, 2013

12:43 AM 2

For a Beautiful Soul - Harleen 

Right from the beginning till the end, It has been really a pleasure to meet you. Those sweet moments singing together, clapping, walking, talking, playing, Drinking Tea all has bring you much close to my heart. It started form Mini Olympics where i started to feel your beautiful soul.

I'll stand strong for you and be there when you need me. No matter what.
Whatever life throws our way, we can remember that we have each other.
Whenever you are low, remember this.
I'm here for you in every way.
When everyone in this world turns and you feel alone, reach out and I'll be there.

Your life on this earth has been a blessing to my soul
My dear Friend I hope that is something that you already know

I know what your life here has meant to me
It has been a blessing sent from God, that I truly see

In you I see
A delicate but strong person
In you I see
A loving and kind person
In you I see
A sharing and giving soul
In you I see
A wise and valued friend
In you I see
A very beautiful Soul
In you I see
A very moral person
In you I see
A Wonderful Soul who has became my best friend

With you I feel
The softness of your heart
With you I feel
The commitment of true love
With you I feel
You sharing your strengths to support me and lift me up
With you I feel
Valued as a human being
With you I feel
Wisdom so great and beyond your years
With you I feel
The beauty that God has placed in your soul
With you I feel
That you are truly my best friend, my life
With you I feel
Blessed to have in my life.

You are the picture and example of a perfect Life
A person that we are all so blessed to know in our lives

It is you and your love that has changed me
God through you has shown me who I need to be

The message I see through you from God above
Is that through you God has filled my heart with love

I just want you to know that I realize that I have been blessed so true
That I know now that God loves me and he has shown me that through you

So please believe that I feel so free and in love with you
That to God I promise I am his and then yours and always true

I promise to you my devotion and the rest of my life
Because with you I have a God sent gift, a beautiful Soul, A beautiful Friend For life.


  1. Heart-Touching, No words :') :') .... i wish anyone wrote these poems for me ... i wish i could get a friend like you ... :')

  2. Oh so sweet and touchy ... <3 <3 :)