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Friday, October 25, 2013

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Haha, This one was really funny. When we first met i never thought we would be so close to each other in just few days. 2nd day of IYF at chitkara University, We were about to leave i saw Harleen and i went to her to say bye to her. When standing beside her what i saw little, delicious dimples on her cheeks. I came with an idea to right a poem for her on her Dimples. I Reached Home at 11:00 PM and after that i opened my laptop and started writing. It was 2:00 am When i almost finished.
                                                                      As i wake up in morning Rushed toward shop for Printouts Of Poems that i wrote for her.I reached college, i was bit late. Mind lectures were Going on. She was sitting Just Infront of me to the left side.

                                                         Suddenly i saw there were no dimples on her cheeks. Haha it was a heart-breaking scene. I said to my self " Damn, what to do". I explained all this to Harleen After we finished attending IYF-permanent member meeting. She was really laughing out loud. But there was nothing i can do at that time so i just told her everything.Here is that poem that i wrote for her.

Dimple Dimple on your cheeks 
oho oho How I wonder what it speaks, 
Pretty, beauty your skin to glow, 
Can I touch them little and slow. 

Sweeter Sweeter is your smile, 
I stare you for all while; 
You are the one to make glee, 
Like a pearl in the sea.

Darker darker may be the night, 
Harder harder may be the fight 
You are the torch in my way, 
Like a sun in the day. 

Smoother Smoother is your voice, 
Makes me think of heaven's noice. 
Life's not turning red or blue, 
Because it's your hand real and true. 

Costly costly can be the gifts, 
Higher higher can be the lifts. 
I have you then why to fear, 
My happiness are always near. 

Far far wherever you go, 
Memories' start to come in a row; 
I always give it a try, 
Wish I could never say Good bye. 

People people just around me, 
Now I wonder where to see; 
Up above standard so high, 
Like a diamond in the sky. 

Twinkle twinkle little star…. 
How I wonder, Where we would meet again .

Your dimples made me smile 
When I looked at your face 
Because of the way you was 
Having style and so much grace 

The way you made me feel 
Made my heart skip a beat 
And just to look at you 
Really, knocked me off my feet 

Oh yes I fell in love 
With those dimples the other day 
And they are so special 
There's just no other way 
First I'm thankful to God 
For blessing me with her love and 
Her dimples… 
That ultimately makes me smile. 

Pure and simple, 
that delightful dimple, 
There, on your cheek, 
It makes me weak.

My knees give way, 
And then I sway, 
all strength is gone
when I look upon

your dimpled face.
It makes my heart race.
Then when you smile, 
you so beguile, 
so what can I do, 
But lots of love for you And god bless, bless, and bless you

Also it was the last day of IYF, So i was sad also because saying good bye isn't that easy.

Today I learned a lesson 
that will always be true 
Saying goodbye to someone 
Is the hardest thing to do 

I’ve never felt a loss 
until i said goodbye 
i thought i was strong 
and i broke down and cried 

Never will I forget 
The times we had 
though the reflections are happy 
it makes me rather sad 

The most brutal of men 
Cries at the past 
I only wish 
The good times would last