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Monday, October 28, 2013

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Smile is the best thing that you can give to anyone, it doesn't cost any thing. Even sometimes when i get bored in day i always went to plants i talk to them and laugh.The more i laugh, the more happier i would be.Moreover when you are happy you kept sadness away from you, sadness will keep on knocking at your door, But if you are busy enjoying every second of your life then sadness will not be able to enter your life. It will kept waiting and waiting ultimately it has to go because you are too busy enjoying your beautiful life with a nice smile.  


A Smile Doesn't Cost You Anything

I may be happy and laugh I cares away
For tears won't get Me anywhere as some are known to say

Few wish to hear My stories if they seem a bit sad
They say it's My own problems the good goes with the bad.

Happiness is Having a magnet it draws others to Me
 A smile doesn't cost Me anything only happens to be true

A smile doesn't cost Me anything though some find it hard to smile
So what i say is you should also smile.

I laugh the World laughs with Me those words appeal to me
Of the ghosts of their depression some struggle to be free

Those who can smile easily they spread the gift of joy
And why others are attracted to them you know the reason why
 I would like to say you should also smile.

This is another Short poem that i wrote when i was traveling from my home city to Chandigarh  In the way i saw a couple sitting next to my seat.Both of them was sitting quite indeed they were looking sad, I couldn't resist my self, i asked the Guy. He welcomed me and i adjusted my self with Him.He told me their whole story which was really heart-touching but just because of a misunderstanding they were not talking with each other.I quickly started thinking, may be i can do something for him. "oh, yes" my mind strike i took out my note-book and started writing a poem so that the guy can make her smile. Then while talking with Him i wrote this poem and i handed it to that guy. And then i said "Hand it over to your beloved". He does that and what i saw that she (her wife) stared laughing loudly, And she gave a hug to him after reading that poem. Haha i was quit surprised the way i was behaving, It was just because of my open heart, whatever was in my heart i followed that and see what i got ... You want to know ?? really. It's happiness,Yes you heard it right.My poem brought them closer. They were smiling and their life came back on track. What a white paper and some words written on it from heart can do, can't be done with actions.that's the power of a poet and a open-heart. :) :) 

                                                       When i came out of the bus, the guy came to me and said "Brother, thank you so much for your kind poem, i really don't have worlds to describe how happy i am." I was also very happy for what i did. It was my open heart which said that go help him and i did what ever my heart said and what i found is joy, happiness, reason to smile, and two beautiful soul, most importantly two friends for life.here is a view of that poem. :)  

                               To see your beautiful smile

To see Your Beautiful Smile

I would cross any border

to see your beautiful smile
I would throw the world out of order

To see your beautiful smile
I will travel for the longest while 
I have promised my heart 
I'd go a thousand miles 

To see your beautiful smile 
I will change my own way 
I will break the chain of values 
no matter what the world may say 

To see your beautiful smile 
I know where I have to go 
by your side for eternity 
just to watch that smile grow 

I love your beautiful smile 

and what I say will always be true 
nothing makes me happier 
than to smile beside you


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